My name is Brittany Dixon and I am a teen mother. Jireh’s Place has helped me in so many ways. At first I wasn’t so happy about an all-girls group and thought that that when you put girls together in one group it wouldn’t be successful. It has been a long ride but we made it and we came out with friendships we never had before and really strong bonds. My experience with Jireh’s place has been amazing! I learned a lot about myself and child, and some of the speakers that came where a blessing to us. Through the speakers they taught us things that we didn’t fully understand yet and questioned why we were going through it. Now I am a college student and I am currently working. Thanks to all the stuff that took place through our sessions and the time our volunteers took to work with us!! We love you guys!!!!!

Brittany- Young Mother’s Program 2013 Graduate

Jireh’s Place changed my life! I came in really angry with a bad attitude. I had no motivation and determination, I was stuck. They showed me there it was a different way. I graduated the program in 2013 a changed women that now has some motivation and with a better attitude. I went back to get my high school diploma and will be attending college in the fall of 2014. Thank you Ms. Shakina, Ms. Fran, and Ms. Kendale for believing in me!

Ashantee- Young Mothers Program 2013 Graduate

Jirehs place has taught me in order to be better I have to do better. It has helped me to become a stronger person and a better woman all around. It has also taught me to be a leader not a follower and to make my own decisions, because I am the only one who will be accountable for them and it will hurt no one but myself. It has also taught me the importance of setting goals! I never thought that I would be able to say that I that I actually have a purpose in life but thanks to Jireh’s Place I now know that I do.

Shenequa - Young Mother’s Program 2013 Graduate

I like going to Jireh’s Place because it gives me a place to bond and interact with other girls. I also like going because of the amazing staff that share their wisdom about life with us.

Ashjnay- Alexandria Teen Girls Program

Jireh’s Place makes me want to do better with my life.

Nelly- Alexandria Teen Girls Program