Jireh’s Place(JP) was found in 2010 by Shakina Dunbar Rawlings. With a mission to equip and nurture young ladies with the necessary resources and tools for successful living, JP believes that each young lady is a vital and productive member of society. JP works to equip young ladies with the skills necessary to transition from adolescence to adulthood. We value each young lady as purposed and uniquely designed and will strive to meet every individual need.

In 2012 JP implemented community outreach programs designed to assist young girls in building life skills and to equip them for successful living. Community collaborations have allowed JP to promote education, team building, leadership skills, healthy relationships, community service, sex education, and prevention against HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, and gang participation.

Jireh’s Place long-term goal is to create an alternative placement facility for girls who have been removed from their home environment and Helen’s Love an independent living facility for young mothers and their children.